Knoxville Chamber of Commerce

A city at the edge of innovation, Knoxville launches a campaign to unite their growing industries, attract new businesses and entice a broader talent pool.

Knoxville is the future.

Art Direction / Graphic Design / Strategy
︎︎︎ Bandera
︎︎︎ Boldsquare

The Knoxville Chamber of Commerce project was not a simple branding exercise, it went much deeper than a logo or a “look.” Our process started with an extensive exploration of the city of Knoxville and Knox County as a community and center of commerce.

Current strategies promoting cities in the Southern states rely on heritage and celebrate the past. Our strategy for Knoxville positioned the city as a place where the possibilities, while proven by their past, lie in the future.



Design assets for Knoxville Chamber of Commerce needed to reflect the vibrant possibilities of bringing a business to this area. We used bright colors, modern fonts and woven mosaics to show a deeply connected community and lush quality of life that would attract potential employees. Our pitch included a mobile story collecting project that would drive social media engagement and provide a deeper glimpse into the character of the city.